Book Review Essays: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

What is a Book Review Essay?

A review essay critically evaluates a literary work, an event, and a work of art. A book review essay is a commentary on a work of fiction or non-fiction which discusses and asses the arguments or the questions raised in a text. 

While writing a review, an essay writer should take a deep dive into the content of the text, its characters, and themes. You can agree and disagree with the author on various topics and give your opinion backed with examples and arguments. 

What it is not?

It’s not a summary of the work. You are not allowed to the narrative the text or the story to the reader in context to the central theme. Plus, you don’t need to be cautious of giving away spoilers, this is an essay people read to add to the depth of their understanding of the text.

Get Hold of the Necessary Information

To write a good review essay on a work of literature, just reading it won’t suffice.

Get to know the Author before you start your review. If you have read previous works from the author then you are already sure-footed to delve into the writing, for at times a new style of writing–the style of argument and presentation of ideas– puts off readers, making them miss the central message or the theme.    

Try to capture the central thesis and the several themes of the work as you progress into the book. It is important to get an understanding of the background of the story or the arguments to understand the text fully. Only then can one critically judge the ideas and arguments presented. 

Notice how and where you agree or disagree with the author. The review essay serves to produce counter-arguments to points raised in the said work; which otherwise were blindly accepted by the reader. It also serves to endorse the ideas that remain unchanged under critical scrutiny. 

Bring your personal experience into the writing,  Show the reader that you are not a machine-like impersonal entity, that the book helped you understand the subject and made you relate to characters(if any) and the scenarios. To get more experience in writing you can get writing help from write my essay service.

Writing the Introduction

The book’s name and the author should come towards the start of the introduction. Many writers tend to begin the introduction with a quote from the book or a statement in general to entice the audience.

After adding cursory information about the book and the genre it belongs to, the writer introduces the central theme of the book and presents the thesis of how the book will be evaluated and in what context. Introduction is main part of book review, you can see sample of introductions written by essay writing service.


The summary can be a separate paragraph that gives a brief overview of the book (, incase of fiction the storyline). It should introduce the characters and the subject matter that will be evaluated and discussed in the main part of the essay.

Critical Analysis 

You should devout much time to this part of the essay.

Each paragraph can be a different idea of the book that you take on, and evaluate them against examples from within the book and without. 

A good thesis statement will guide you to take on various parts of the book in light of your central theme. There is no need to be chronological with the content. You can give your input to how the author’s ideas can be strengthed and also point out their contradictions and fallings. 

Remember to stay away from unduly criticism, present your ideas for the benefit of understanding the book by providing them with concrete examples and evidence. 


Restate all the arguments and points raised in the essay. Under the light of the strengths and weaknesses of the material form a final synthesis and present it to your readers. With a sound critical evaluation in the body paragraph, the conclusion should come across as unbiased. If you are still confuse, you may get help from write essay for me service online.

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